Sell Your Car UK Options

So you have decided to sell your car, rather than trade it in for a new one, so what are your options? Can you get a better deal than a “trade in”, or do it quicker?

We have1 researched many options for you, through most most towns and cities within the UK.

Including garages stating they want to buy your car and well known soures such as “We Buy Any Car”.

Toyota Aygo for sale

Towns and Cities

Benefits Of Not Trading In Your Vehicle

Convenience plays a part when buying a new vehicle from a dealer, so trading in your vehicle, tends to be the norm  but there can be benefits to selling elsewhere and not trading in. If you want to get more back form your existing vehicle, it may be worth exploring all the options just to be sure.

A consideration is asking the trader what they intend to do with your car, should you trade it in. If it is a model they do not intend to retail, then it is very likely it will go to auction (which will cost them) or sold on to trade. Both of these options, means that trader, has to cover that extra cost, either by, offer a low trade in price, or higher windscreen price on the new vehicle.

There are many instances, where if a bit of time was invested, a better deal could be had, if the sale of the old vehicle was seperated from the purchase of the new.

It is also very true, that in ceratin cases that car showroom, does not want your old vehicle and the cost to dispose of, either at auction or trader.

Suggesting Local Solutions

We have put together some local suggestions to assist with your research, use the local links above, there is nothing to lose.

For those who are not buying another vehicle from a dealer, either privately or not at all and just need to dispose their existing vehicle, these options can assist too.